Revenue Stream

The revenue stream of ORBLER is composed of sales of Orbs, Orblers, Land, in-game items, breeding, and transaction fee in the NFT Marketplace. Implementing a diverse revenue stream rather than a single stream allows developers to have the necessary resources for creating a sustainable game with long-term development and update of the game. Aside from this, obtained resources are stored in the Orbler vault. Part of the revenue is also used for the purpose of providing liquidity for tokens circulating in the Orbler ecosystem. and designed with a structure of increasing token values according to the inflow of new users.
ORBLER Revenue Stream
1) Selling ORB -> USDC / ORBR
2) Selling dragon (Selling land)
3) ORB level upgrade
4) Gameplay energy
4) NFT market transaction fee
5) Synthesis -> ORBR & MSP