🤝Collaborative Community Management

Utilize this feature to invite team members and collaboratively manage your community pages.

Collaborate with trusted team members and assign them distinct roles to ensure a seamless operational flow:

  • Invite Collaborator: Add members to your team and give them specific roles to manage and engage the community together.

  • Assign Role: Define the level of access and responsibilities each collaborator can have.

    • Admin: Has full access to manage, edit, and oversee community operations.

    • Reviewer: Can review community submissions, feedback, and other specified tasks, but has limited managerial privileges.

There are two methods for adding administrators to your community page.

  1. First, go to the member page in the right menu of your community.

  1. To invite a user, enter the EVM wallet address (0x...), select the role of admin, editor, or reviewer, and finally, click 'Invite User'.

  1. The next method is to add an admin via the list of members. Simply choose the member you want to promote as an admin, determine the desired role, then change roles accordingly. "Make sure again that the member is the person you appointed as admin."

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