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Staking Earn

Users have the opportunity to stake their tokens in exchange for returns in Orbler Token (ORBR), with the exact terms determined by the specific staking pool they opt into. Below are the details associated with each staking pool:
  • Pool Name
  • Pool Duration: Duration for which the tokens will be staked.
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): The annualized return rate offered for staking in the pool.
  • Minimum Investment: The least amount of Orbler Token (ORBR) required to participate in the staking pool.
  • Total Pool Cap: The maximum amount of Orbler Token (ORBR) that the pool can accommodate from all users.
  • Personal Cap: The maximum amount of Orbler Token (ORBR) an individual user can stake in the pool.
  • Lock-in Term: Duration during which the staked tokens cannot be withdrawn.
Staking earn, in essence, allows users to stake their Orbler Token (ORBR) to earn additional ORBR as rewards. The exact amount of the reward is determined by the APR, and it will be held for a predetermined period. Stakers must adhere to the minimum investment requirements, lock-in durations, and personal cap limitations as set by each staking pool.