🏰Community Leveling

Community leveling serves to recognize and celebrate the growth, engagement, and collaborative achievements of Orbler communities, motivating them to reach greater milestones and foster stronger connections within their network.

Community Rank Tiers:

  1. Stellar Cluster

    • A young, vibrant community just beginning its journey in the vastness of Orbler's universe. It’s an early stage with potential for explosive growth, much like stars forming in a cluster.

  2. Pulsar Pulse

    • A community that stands out with consistent activity and engagement. Just as pulsars emit strong, regular pulses of radiation, these communities have a consistent rhythm of activity and collaboration.

  3. Nebula Nucleus

    • A community that has blossomed and showcases diversity in its members and activities. Just like the nebulae are regions where new stars are born, communities at this level are vibrant hubs of creation and collaboration.

  4. Black Hole Hub

    • A dominant force in the Orbler universe. These communities pull in vast amounts of members due to their gravitational influence, showcasing deep engagement, and high mission completion rates.

  5. Quasar Quest

    • The brightest and most radiant of communities. Quasars emit an extraordinary amount of energy, and similarly, these communities are powerhouses of engagement, collaboration, and growth, leading the way for others to follow.

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