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Airdrop Method

Airdrops provide a method to distribute tokens to eligible members. Here's a comprehensive breakdown:
Token Distribution
Airdrops will be made in the form of tokens, the specific nature of which will be based on the network or blockchain chain that Orbler supports. This ensures compatibility and eases the process of token distribution.
Eligibility Criteria
Tokens will be allocated to users based on a minimum eligibility level. This level is set and determined by the admin, ensuring that only deserving or qualifying users partake in the airdrop.
Claim Period
There will be a designated time frame during which eligible users can claim their airdrop tokens. It is essential for users to claim their tokens within this period, post which they might lose their eligibility.
User Claim List
Orbler will showcase a transparent list detailing users who have made their claims. This ensures transparency and helps track distribution.
Claim Limitation
To ensure fair distribution, each user will be restricted to a single claim. This policy ensures that the airdrop reaches a wider audience without being monopolized by a few.
Determination of Quantity
The community or project owner has the autonomy to decide two key metrics - the exact number of tokens each user receives and the maximum number of users that can receive