Proof of Play

Proof of play

The idea of recording the data processed in a P2P game in a blockchain and rewarding the game participants with contributions has been discussed before, known as Proof of Play. While the concept presented the fair distribution of two P2P records of the data on a blockchain, it lacks the details on elaborating on additional nodes and reward contribution As a way to improve proof of play, a method of overcoming the Oracle problem of recording fair shares of data on a blockchain was devised in a more supplemented form. The concept is called Mini-Synopticon Method as a way to monitor. It still follows the basic concept of Proof of Play, but an extra node exists to monitor the protocol, and participation is granted by staking the governance token, $ORBR to execute.


Mini-Synoptiocon is a way to preserve the integrity of game data and prevent the possibility of cheatings by users through mutual monitoring. User accounts with staked governance tokens can directly participate and watch matches between the game players. The monitoring node automatically determines whether the data of both players are manipulated by comparing it with loaded data from a server. When the anticipated value deviates significantly, the gameplay data is automatically flagged as reported data. The reported game data is automatically uploaded to a review database and will be confirmed by monitoring personnel.