Orbler Governance Token

$ORBR ( Orbler Governance token )


With a philosophy that a true DAO organization shall solve the functional problem and allocation issue autonomously, we designed the ORBLER game to use ORBR in order to organize the critical functions of the game into the DAO, which can function as a true governance token.

Monitoring a Node

An act of cheating in all games is conduct that damages the fairness of a game, cheating shall be prevented promptly. In fact, game developers allocate a lot of resources in monitoring these acts; however, it is still not easy to earn the trust of the players. The monitoring of cheating acts of the players can be done directly by the players and MSP tokens will be allocated as a reward for the monitoring. Because it is impossible for an infinite number of users to participate in the monitoring node, only those who staked a minimum amount of ORBR with an intention of participating in the governance can receive the rewards.

Claim Monitoring

The players paid with MSP token and settled after claiming the MSP. At this time, anyone can execute anti-claim through the claim monitor when they believe there is a problem with applicable MSP tokens. If the anti-claim is found to be true, a claimed user will receive a reward, if there isn’t any problem with the MSP token, the user of the anti-claim will be penalized.