Token Distribution Method


100 $MSP tokens are dispensed every minute. There are 144,000 $MSP tokens dispensed daily and 52,560,000 $MSP tokens during the course of a year. Regardless of whether there is one user or one million users playing the game, the number of dispensed $MSP tokens will remain the same. However, $MSP is a currency that is burned on a continuous basis. The issue of extra $MSP other than the dispense of 100 $MSP every minute cannot exist.


To use or move the MSP token obtained, a claim process must proceed. When an issue has been raised in this process by the mini-synopticon, the payment of $MSP may be pending until the time of confirmation.

How to get

The MSP is paid by engaging in PvP game, Co-op game, and node monitoring.
One hundred MSP tokens are paid every minute, and each player participating in the game for every minute shares these 100 tokens.