Limitation of Game-Fi

Orbler is a play to earn game utilizing both ORBLR and MSP tokens. New players that join Orbler will be required to purchase an NFT from existing holders to start a game. This increases the value of the original NFT’s that were minted. New players might have to start the game without knowing the optimal values of the NFT’s to start the game. It may also appear that the economic structure is developing and as there are more players, there are more users who are earning tokens. Ultimately, the number of total active players will determine the economics of these tokens and there may be a decrease in value from more players joining the game. Undoubtedly, an increase in token supply will cause inflation.

Virtuous Cycle of Token

Orbler’s token economy is driven by the supply and demand of the various functions within the game’s ecosystem. We aim to create strong demand mechanics to drive a genuine and sustainable cycle of token generation and utility. This will create a structural way for which MSP and ORBLR tokens are utilized.
The economic structure will operate automatically based on the mechanics of the game.
Orbler is able to prevent inflation through a system called POCS Algorithm and we can realize a strong and sustainable development of game economies through this.

Optimum Value of NFT

Investors generally desire a rise in the price of NFT’s that they hold. For new players in this game, a very high price of NFT’s will be a big barrier for newcomers and high prices can make a new player hesitate to join.
We believe that paying too much for NFT costs to start playing the game is not the correct method.
For a strong economic cycle, investing a reasonable amount of funds can be a hurdle that prevents bots or wrongful players, but if the amount is too high, it can prevent new players altogether. Therefore, the team would like the players to decide the optimal value for the NFT’s.