Orbler's structure

Distribution Model

The $MSP token of ORBLER adopts an allocation method rather than the minting method. What is being obtained through POCS is only the allocation part and not the $MSP itself. A player can be confirmed with the “allocation ratio” for 100 $MSP created every single minute. The $MSP itself is not received through the player. A total of 100 $MSPs are generated by ORBLER for every minute. These 100 ORBLERs are allocated between the users who have contributed to block forming through gameplay recording and the users who have contributed, through monitoring nodes in verifying whether the data is properly filtered. If there is a new method of contributing to the governance by the additionally developed function, this will also be allocated from the limited number of 100 resources.

Distribution Ratio

MSP Distribution ratio can be flexibly adjusted according to the phase. Among a total of 100 $MSP, 88 $MSP will be allocated to game players and 12 $MSP will be allocated to the monitoring node. From the 88 MSP$ allocated to players, 12 $MSP may be allocated to a new function if an additional governance function is added. 4 $MSP from 12 $MSP may be allocated to another governance function.
Among the 88 $MSPs, 35.2 $MSPs, which account for 40%, are allocated to PvP Mode and the remaining 52.8 $MSPs are allocated to Co-op Mode.