Nest Buildings

Orbler Watchtower oversees the land from high points in the mountains. It allows players who have staked ORBR tokens to participate in sypnoticon surveillance. Land Owners are able to take a percentage of earnings produced by the node participants.
Breeding Chamber
Orbler Nest is a breeding chamber for Orbler to produce Orbler eggs. It can accomadate 2 Orblers at a time, whether it's being used for single breeding or dual breeding. Nest owners are able to collect a portion of the breeding fee when renting to other players.
Orbler Lab
Orbler Lab is an essential part of Orbler ecosystem as it crafts valuable items to help Orbler in battles. Orbler Lab collects dragon blood from Orbler to produce different elixirs. Each elixir has different types of buff players that can utilize in their battles.